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So here’s my WWE Universe pre-draft. Sorry it’s a bit hard to read, but it’ll be okay in a couple hours. But here’s the skinny: 

The Universe I started last year on WWE 13 I decided to redo a bit on 2K14. 3 shows with a roster of 40 each (30 men, 10 women). I decided to lock in 10 guys and 2 ladies to RAW and Smackdown (five and one each). The Nitro roster in its entirety is locked. Everyone else (68 people if you’re wondering) will be randomly assigned. 

Anyone drafted with a star attached is a package deal, so their partner goes to whatever show they go (I know I missed a few when I took this screenshot)

Final rosters in an hour or twoish.

CCL Adrenaline #61

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